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OMF Thailand

Anita Crown has been sent by NEB to Thailand with a group called OMF Anita would greatly appreciate your prayer and support and sends regular updates and prayer letters which you can subscribe to.



Containers for Missions

The Missions Team has introduced a new way to fundraise through the Containers For Change program. When you bag, tag and drop your containers off to a drop off point, with our Scheme ID number showing clearly on the outside of the bag, the proceeds will go towards missions at NEB. There is a collection point at Nundah State School.

Our Scheme ID is C10240232

The Missions Team has placed a red wheelie bin in the foyer to collect your containers if you’d prefer to donate this way.
If you have bagged your bottles, please take a scheme ID label from the front of the bin to stick on your bag and drop off yourself.

For more information about collection points, go to: